Are you licensed and insured? 

Yes,  we are.


What can I do before the cleaners arrive?

Pick up or remove extraneous clothing, toys, personal and other household items. This will save us time. We will do general straightening. It is helpful to keep in mind that the more surfaces we can easily access the better job they will be able to do without disrupting your personal items.

Why is a Deep Clean initially necessary? Why does it cost more?

Before we can begin to perform routine weekly or biweekly, or every four week maintenance there are usually a variety of first time tasks which require extra attention on our first visit. It's more like a deep cleaning or spring cleaning.  Things such as blinds, kitchen cabinets, shower doors, baseboards, light fixtures or ceiling fans, appliances etc. may have been neglected and require extra time. If we don't get rid of the old dirt first no matter how hard we try simply removing the new dirt isn't going to make things look sparkling and clean.  There is always an extra fee for the first clean to cover the extra time.  Please keep in mind the price may need to be adjusted with rising costs, if more people move in or you remodel or purchase a lot of new furniture.


What do you charge for a move out clean?

Although we require move out cleans to be empty before we clean, it does not mean it's going to take less time since we don't have to deal with furniture. Truthfully a lot of move outs haven't been kept up so it's much more  work than a regular maintenance clean would be and we end up using twice the amount of cleaning products. It actually takes much more  effort so we charge a bit more for these types of cleans.  Keep in mind if you're renting and trying to get your deposit back it's usually required we clean the oven, refrigerator, inside of cupboards, windows, blinds and other things that aren't usually maintained on a regular basis. Also, we CANNOT guarantee you will get your deposit back since that's not our decision to make. 



Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

We provide our own supplies. The only thing we ask is one (1) roll of paper towel in every visit.  If you prefer, we will use your products (only if they have been tested by you) if not we will not be liable for any damage caused by your cleaning supplies. We also provide green cleaning for our eco-friendly clients.


What if an item is broken in my home?

Accidents do happen. If an article is broken, we will leave a note. We will pay for repair, replacement or claim will be filed. If an item is already broken, we will not be responsible and would like for you to tell us before we touch it. If you have something that is valuable and precious to you and you prefer to clean it yourself, please tell us ahead of time.

What if I am not satisfied with your cleaning service?

Our goal is to give you the best service possible and the more feedback we can get from you the better service we can provide. If you are ever unhappy with any aspect of your cleaning call or Text and let us know and we go back to your house to fix it free of charge.


Do you steam clean carpets?

We do not steam clean carpets.


What method of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and checks.





  • Provide services during inclement weather;

  • Provide service during the winter months to homes without adequate heating;

  • Provide service during the summer months to homes without adequate air conditioning;

  • clean up pet accidents;

  • Access your phone or answering machine;

  • Exchange keys with anyone other than the contracted client;

  • Sell or share residential or e-mail addresses, names or telephone numbers with any other company or organization;

  • Do not climb higher than a 3 step ladder;

  • Do not move furniture over 15 pounds